Grand Falls on the Little Colorado River


Lazy Morning


Photo Gallery

The Little Colorado River meets its downfall.
The river lives up to its name as it pours red, muddy water over the falls.
The mists rising from the falls create rainbows. 
You can see the yellow and green of a rainbow.     
More photo practice.  I used my fastest shutter speed to try to stop the water.  Click here for a bigger shot.
Our intrepid group. 
Here's a peek at the peaks of the San Francisco Mountains.  On the right is Humphrey (12,633') and on the left is Agassiz (12,356').  Humphrey is the highest peak in Arizona. 
By clicking on this picture you can go to a 15 second movie of the falls.  It's a Macromedia Flash movie.  Click here to download the free Flash Player, if you don't already have it. The movie really gives you a great sense of being there because you can hear (be sure your sound is on) the roar of the falls.  You'll also hear Kevon talking about a tire he's watching going around and around a vortex.